How do you connect?

I hear people say all the time, “I’m not religious.”

— OR —

“I don’t believe in anything.”

But if you keep listening, eventually many of these same people will say…

“But I love animals. My dog is everything to me.”

Spiritual connection happens when we interact with animals.

After all, what is DOG spelled backwards?

Connection with Intention is to actively pursue and receive Spiritual guidance.

Acting on this guidance requires building a foundation for connection. Intentionally.

I’m here to help you springboard your own connection.

So are Animals and Angels.

Together we will build intention . . .

Animal communicator
Angel Communicator
Certified Reiki Master
Comprehensive Journaling Teacher

Hi, I’m Devon.

I didn’t start out in this creative field of Divine connection. After graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration, I started my first business working as a consultant for small companies. I used the analytical side of my brain far more often than the creative side. I enjoyed this type of work, but after almost sixteen years I began to feel a void. I felt something was missing. Until I learned from my Grandma in my Ah-HA moment described in my blog titled From Accounting to Animal & Angel Communication, I was missing Connection with Intention.

Once I figured out how much Divine help is available and accessible at all times, I wanted everybody to know it existed. I could no longer ignore my purpose. My purpose is to help people connect.

I created Build Intention to help people connect with their own Divine guidance.

There is so much help available to us when we connect. Yet with our busy, chaotic lives it can easily be overlooked. You do not have to feel isolated in your emotions. It’s okay to feel them, and it’s even okay to step aside and observe them at times. But ignoring them can lead to missed opportunities and unnecessary pain.

Do you choose to feel? Or choose to numb yourself?

Many of us do not even realize we are making a choice.

After my personal encounters with Angels, I wanted to teach others there is a way to connect whenever desired, not just during a time of crisis.

There are so many ways to connect too. Animals and Angels create space for connection. God created and sent these amazing beings to help us.

The purpose of Build Intention is to serve as a springboard for people to connect on their own. In the meantime, I’m here to help.

I’m a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and entrepreneur. I know the daily struggles of maintaining all the responsibilities and commitments we have with others and still finding time for ourselves.

If we do find time for ourselves, it doesn’t take long for guilt to interfere. That little voice that says, “You know you should be mopping the kitchen floor, you should be changing the oil on the car, you should be helping out more with a certain organization.”

Of course, it is important to do all of these things! But beware of the word “should.” It can be very draining on all of us. I would argue it is more important to take time to connect. Connection can help you accomplish all those tasks anyways, so why not take the help? While connecting we can evaluate the validity of the word “should”. This can bring clarity and solutions we may have overlooked.

When we’re young we connect automatically. Growing up I always had many animals around me. I was completely devoted to my horses, cats, dogs and our deer, Holly. I often go back to so many moments in my memory where our connection was so intense and our communication so clear it is like watching a movie in slow-motion. In those moments, I was fully connected to God. I never doubted it and I am so grateful for the awareness.

As we grow-up and life becomes more complicated and adds more responsibilities, we have to connect with intention. Intention is key.

My goal is to teach everybody who desires connection how available this connection remains through Animals, Angels and of course, themselves.