How do you connect?

I hear people say all the time, “I’m not religious.”

— OR —

“I don’t believe in anything.”

But if you keep listening, eventually many of these same people will say…

“But I love animals. My dog is everything to me.”

Spiritual connection happens when we interact with animals.

After all, what is DOG spelled backwards?

Connection to animals with intention is actively seeking a deeper, more conscious understanding of the way animals interact with us.

Discovering a conscious understanding of our interaction with animals, requires building a foundation for connection. Intentionally.

I’m here to help you springboard your own connection.

So are animals.

Together we will build intention . . .

Devon Duerr, Animal communicator

Hi, I’m Devon.

I didn’t start out in this unique field of Animal Communication. After graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration, I started my first business working as a consultant for small companies. I used the analytical side of my brain far more often than the creative side. I enjoyed this type of work, but after almost sixteen years I began to feel a void. I felt something was missing. Then I had my ah-ha moment described in my blog post titled From Accounting to Animal Communication.

I created Build Intention to help people connect on a deeper level with the spiritual beings they already interact with every day, animals.

Most animals are incredibly eager to connect. With our busy, sometimes chaotic lives this can easily be overlooked. 

My connection with animals throughout my lifetime played a crucial role in my spiritual outlook. They provided mental, emotional and sometimes even physical support, sheltering me from feelings of loneliness, an illusion so many people battle. Loneliness is an illusion. Animals help dissolve this illusion.

 Animals create space for spiritual connection. I believe God created and sent these amazing beings to help us.

The purpose of Build Intention is to serve as a springboard for people to connect with animals more consciously on their own. In the meantime, I’m here to help.