Jumpstart your 2020 Comprehensive Journal live with me. I will show you my favorite components for your Comprehensive journal and teach ways you can customize your journal to fit your personal and business life so you can keep everything in one place!

A Comprehensive journal is not a diary. It’s one place for everything; project tracking, routine records, calendars, lists, ideas, and anything else you need to stay on track with your personal and business goals.

There are two parts to this webinar:

Part One: December 28, 2019 11:00 AM CST to 12:00 PM CST

Part Two: February 1, 2019, 11:00 AM CST to 12:00 PM CST

In part one of this webinar, you will:

-Learn how to set up and start your Comprehensive journal

-Learn how to quickly and easily combine and organize To-Do lists, Calendars, and your intuition into one Comprehensive journal, thus eliminating the need to maintain multiple journals, lists, and reminders.

-Discover tools and tips for keeping track of your progress and making journaling effective and fun

-Become part of a Facebook private group to interact with fellow journalers

In part two of this workshop, we will have a one hour live Q&A session after you have been using your journal for at least 30 days (or more!) Ask questions about any challenges you have faced while using your journal or how you can customize it further to fit your personal needs.

How it works:

After the registration fee is submitted, you will receive an invitation to the zoom meeting for December 28, 2019, beginning at 11:00 AM Central Standard Time. If you cannot attend the webinar live or have to come in late or leave early, do not fret! A recording will be sent to you after completion of the webinar for review.

You will also receive an email with a checklist of items you need, where to find them if you don’t already have them, and what tasks to complete BEFORE the webinar and in between part one and part two!

What you will need:

-A new or unused journal

-Favorite pens and pencils

-Ruler or Straight Edge

-Computer, tablet, or smartphone to log into Zoom via the link I will send you once registered for the webinar.

Registration Fee: $75.00

To register click the payment link here or th Book Now button below.