Coffee with Devon: 

At least once a month, I host a FREE Question and Answer session designed to create a safe, loving, and positive platform to encourage you on your Spiritual Journey.

During this meeting, I will be available to answer questions you are facing while developing your intuitive abilities, encountering intuitive experiences, and using your journal to track your abilities and experiences.

Intuitive Consulting Session(s):

A one-hour session with me, aiming towards developing your intuitive abilities. In these sessions, we will:

-Review your intuitive experiences and explore how you receive guidance.

-Learn tools to expand your abilities.

-Review your journal to track your intuitive experiences and develop your abilities

-Discuss ways to customize your intuitive growth to your specific abilities and methods to improve your understanding of your abilities.

One-on-One sessions

Single session                                                             $150

Package of three one-on-one sessions                   $350

Group sessions

Up to three people                                                      $250

Four or more people                                                Contact me

Journal Set-up Session(s):

Starting a new journal can be overwhelming. In a journal set-up session, we will sit down together and get you started. I will provide you with a journal, and we will set it up together. I will review the parts I consider crucial for every journal and also optional items to make it more fun or customized to your needs.

One-on-one Journal Set-up Session                        $160

(or can be one of the sessions in the 3 Session Package for a $10 additional fee to cover the cost of the journal.)

Group Journal set-up sessions

Up to three people                                                      $280

Four or more people                                                Contact me

Animal Communication: 

Quick check-in with 1 animal                                  $80

Full check-in with 1 animal                                        $150

Quick check-in with 2 animals                                $150

Gift Cards:   

Available for all offerings here.                      Purchase Gift Cards

*Please note ALL sessions must be paid prior to session to confirm booking. To book an appointment contact me here or email: