Coffee with Devon, online!: 

At least once a month, I host a FREE Question and Answer session designed to create a safe, loving, and positive platform to encourage you on your Spiritual Journey.

During this meeting, I will be available to answer questions you are facing while developing your intuitive abilities, encountering intuitive experiences, and using your journal to track your abilities and experiences.

Find out more on my Events page.

Intuitive Coaching Session(s):

A one-hour session with me, aiming towards developing your intuitive abilities. In these sessions, we will:

-Review your intuitive experiences and explore how you receive guidance.

-Learn tools to expand your abilities.

-Review your Whole Life journal to track your intuitive experiences and develop your abilities

-Discuss ways to customize your intuitive growth to your specific abilities and methods to improve your understanding of your abilities.

-Learn techniques for enhancing your emotional, mental, and physical well-being through various forms of energy work, journaling prompts, and using your intuiton.

One-on-One Intuitive Coaching sessions:

                      Single session                           $150                                                                

                      Three Session Package        $350   

Group Intuitive Coaching sessions:

                      Up to three people                  $250    

                      Four or more people              Contact me

                      Package Rate for three or more Group Sessions:

                                                                               Contact me

Whole Life Journal Set-up Session(s):

Starting a new journal can be overwhelming. In a Whole Life journal set-up session, we will sit down together and get you started. Purchase or locate the new or unused journal of your choice, and we will set it up together. I will review the parts I consider crucial for every journal and also optional items to make it more fun or customized to your needs.

Journal Set-up Session (one-on-one)      $150  

Three session Package COMBO:  One Whole Life Journal Set-up Session and Two Intuition Coaching Sessions:


Group Journal set-up sessions

Up to three people                                            $250       

Four or more people                                                             Contact me

Package Rate for three or more Group Sessions: Contact me

Gift Cards:   


To purchase Egift cards, please click here.

*Please note ALL sessions are conducted via the video platform Session must be paid prior to session to confirm booking. To book an appointment contact me here or email:

How it works:

I conduct all my sessions remotely using the video platform
After you book a session or package, I will contact you with available times and dates for your session(s).
Once you have confirmed a date and time for your session(s), I will send you a link to a Zoom meeting. We will meet online at the designated date and time using the link provided.
If you have selected a Whole Life Journal session, please purchase or locate the new or unused journal of your choice prior to the session, along with your favorite pen and a straight edge or ruler. You can see some of my favorite journals here.
It is advisable but optional to have a pair of headphones handy for your sessions for ease of hearing, preventing feedback, and promoting privacy for your session. can be accessed via your internet browser or by downloading the Zoom app on your phone or other smart devices. 
Please reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to working with you!